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By Sini I. on November 11, 2016
House Cleaning - 2 Hours, Standard Products

This was a first time I have booked a cleaning service, and I'm very satisfied with the end results! The girls came right on time and did a fantastic job, I will definitely book again!

By Alex on November 11, 2016
House Cleaning - 3 Hours, Standard Products

I paid for three "man hours" and two wonderful young women showed up on schedule and worked hard for one and a half hours straight. It was terrific. I can't get over how much they got done working as a team in just an hour and a half. They were professional and polite and did a great job. I will absolutely use them again - and I'm sending their info to my friends as well.

By D. E. F. on November 11, 2016
House Cleaning - 3 Hours, Customer's Products

They arrived on time and were eager to get to work immediately. The work they did was exceptional -- every square inch of every room was cleaner than it's been in a long time. :) There was a bit of a communication problem early on, likely language related, but we figured it out. I'd totally have them back.

By Bmo on November 11, 2016
House Cleaning - 3 Hours, Standard Products

Our cleaner arrived promptly and got right to work. I expected her to come with more supplies but she did just fine with the spray and scrubbers she brought. Our kitchen was pretty badly covered with oil stains which took her a lot of effort to get out so her boss called me and let me know that most of the three hour time I bought would need to be spent in the kitchen and I'd need to book another appointment to get to the rooms. I had no problem with this as it was my main concern. She did an amazing job in the kitchen, even cleaning out the fridge and organizing our Tupperware. She ended up having more time and did our two bathrooms as well. My apartment hasn't looked this nice since move in. Thank you!

By Amazon Customer on November 11, 2016
House Cleaning - 2 Hours, Customer's Products

Elena was great; fast but thorough. She was told the wrong time to arrive (one hour earlier than I scheduled it), but the company did reach out by phone and email to apologize.

By Johanna Kappus on September 06, 2016
Move-In or Move-Out Cleaning - 0 or 1 bedroom

While there was a bit of a slip up with the time when this was scheduled for the job she did cleaning was amazing and worth the wait. I would recommend confirming the time before hand but also would still highly recommend the service for moving out of an apartment, really helped lighten the load for us.

By Joe Collina on July 22, 2016
Deep or Spring Cleaning - 4 bedrooms

Elena and Anastasia were on time and professional. They both cleaned extremely fast but with great detail to everything, they did not miss a thing. I am very satisfied with the way that they cleaned my home, every room was cleaned with great detail. Very happy with the service and would love to have them back on a bi-weekly basis.

By By Thomas Sehested on July 22, 2017
House Cleaning - 2 Hours

Best cleaning ever! The woman cleaning the apartment was professional and really did a perfect job. I wish we could specifically get her next time!

By By Andy on February 18, 2017
House Cleaning - 4 Hours

As always, i am very satisfied with the service.

By By Zooka on February 21, 2017
House Cleaning - 3 Hours

Anna did an amazing job at our place. Will try to book her again for the next cleaning.

By By Sarah Brooke on February 24, 2017
House Cleaning - 3 Hours

Really good

By By Suzanne Ciprut on March 04, 2017
House Cleaning - 2 Hours

Anastasia was extraordinary. If we could be guaranteed her services, I would absolutely purchase another package.

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