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Maids Manhattan

The duties of the maid include the following:

  • Dry and wet cleaning of rooms (wiping furniture, carpet cleaning, etc.);
  • Checking the health of equipment and the general condition of the furniture;
  • Performance of some instructions of the guests.

Today, maid niches work in hotels, boarding houses, holiday homes, as well as hotels, houses, apartments. Working conditions largely depend on the level of the institution and its location. So, if we are talking about the resort, that most often maids work in shifts.

If after all the place of work of the maid is a private house, then in this case living on the territory of the employer is practiced. At the same time, the weekend is either once a week, either immediately for a long period of time.

Regardless of whether you are planning to clean an apartment or a country house, inform our manager in advance about the possible allergic reaction of you and your family members to various cleaning products. We will find alternative cleaning products and detergents that will not harm your health. Therefore, cleaning of apartments will be as safe as possible for you and your loved ones.


Maids New York

Cleaning company “Cleaning Service”  NYC has been professionally working in the cleaning field for many years. The company’s services are cost-effective and are intended to completely or partially replace the functions of the company’s own cleaning services and facilitate household chores.

Turning to our company, you get the following benefits:

  • The quality and efficiency of the services provided;
  • Quality control and timeliness of work;
  • Use in cleaning materials and tools that are optimally suitable for specific premises and furniture, maintaining them in perfect condition, as well as ensuring the extension of their service life;
  • Rapid inclusion of additions and wishes of the client in the work package;
  • Security;
  • Low prices, flexible system of discounts and profitable promotions.




Maid New-York

Comprehensive cleaning means you get the cleaning services you need for your home! The maids of our company will conduct a free examination and determine the expected amount of work. So, you can find out the exact cost of our services, and then determine the amount of work. Maids Manhattan does work at a preset time. Through the use of professional cleaning products, we get the perfect result, which for a long time pleases our customers.

Where to order a maid in the house?

In the field of hotel services, maid profession is one of the most popular. No modern hotel is complete without sufficient staff available for this profession. After all, the state of cleanliness and order in the institution – directly affects the image and attendance of the institution. The maid is engaged in maintaining cleanliness and comfort in the premises of the institution, according to the schedule, cleaning the places assigned to her. Performs orders of the head.

Maids NYC

Since the work of the maid – is, first of all, physical labor, then it must be hardy, not have diseases that would interfere with the performance of official obligations. For example, back problems or severe allergic reactions to dust.

Also, the work of the maid NYC requires the following qualities and traits of character:
  • Accuracy;
  • Good faith;
  • Hard work;
  • Politeness;
  • Good breeding;
  • Knowledge of the rules of etiquette;
  • Sociability;
  • Stress resistance;
  • Ability to solve conflict situations;
  • Good memory.

In addition, the employer always notes the need for the absence of bad habits. Therefore, their presence can be the cause of both the refusal of employment and reprimand or dismissal. Our maids pass all medical examinations and have the skill of working in this field.

Maids NY

All employees engaged in the Mobile Maid service regularly undergo special training in cleaning, improving their skills and introducing new technologies in their daily work. Mobile maids NYC company “Cleaning Service” – experts in the field of professional cleaning with extensive experience. With the cleaning of apartments to order everything is simple – maids, who bring cleanliness to your apartment, go to you one-time or periodically. There is no doubt that everyone should do his main business, which he knows well – only, in this case, we can talk about a qualitative result. Of course, cleaning as a professional activity is also no exception.

Cleaning Exec helps you live smarter, giving you time to focus on what’s most important.
We rigorously vet all of our Cleaners, who undergo identity checks as well as in-person interviews.
Our skilled professionals go above and beyond on every job. Cleaners are rated and reviewed after each task.
Select your ZIP code, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, date and relax while we take care of your home.
Online communication makes it easy for you to stay in touch with your Cleaners.

Pay securely online only when the cleaning is complete.

Cleaners certified & highly experienced professionals
We are professional and experienced cleaning staff.
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Experienced & professional
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Location Services

Maids Brooklyn

Employees of the company “Cleaning Service” are specialists with significant experience in the field of professional provision of cleaning services. In addition, our employees regularly attend training that contributes to a significant increase in their level of preparedness and professionalism. All employees must wear a uniform, neat, punctual and neat. A more complete list of actions can be found at the top of this page. Also, if necessary, you can always order additional operating time of the cleaner and other additional services.

Maids NJ

It should also be noted that the professional cleaning of apartments is very flexible – you can order a classic cleaning, which is used by most of the clients of our company, as well as specialized for rental housing, renovated apartments and many other cleaning options. A home can help you with household chores. The company “Cleaning Service” is a cleaning company that specializes in providing cleaning services for residential, commercial, office, warehouse, and industrial premises, medical facilities, etc.

Maids Staten island

Our maid Staten island carries out such types of cleaning as:

Standard cleaning

Classical cleaning in the cottage – we clean living rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, corridors. You can easily add to this cleaning any set of services.


We will reach the most inaccessible contaminated surfaces of the house, make them dusty, disinfect plumbing, and arrange things in places. Such cleaning will bring cleanliness even in the most difficult cases.

Express cleaning

Fast surface cleaning will come to the rescue when you need to bring the cottage into a neat look in a short time. Maximum efficiency!

Cleaning after repair

Secondary cleaning, which the cleaners do, if the builders have removed for themselves large debris, paint and glue residues.

Maids New Jersey

It is not important where exactly your house is located – in any case, we will try to do everything to bring cleanliness to your accommodation. Residents of houses and cottages need the most seasonal (general) cleaning and cleaning after repairs because residents often have a hard time coping with large areas of pollution. Please note – the cost of cleaning the maid New Jersey cottages depends solely on the amount of work (number of rooms and bathrooms). You can calculate the cost of your cottage cleaning in a convenient online calculator.

Maids Queens

Only by contacting a professional company offering cleaning services, we can confidently expect that the work will be performed qualitatively, in full and in a clearly defined time frame. Our maids can be busy at your facility all day long and as many days as you like. Their time is extremely productive, they do not stand idle. From here follows the highest level of efficiency of our participation in cleaning, which means that your costs will be guaranteed to be reduced.

You do not spend a lot of money on the purchase of detergents, equipment, their storage, staff training, etc. All these concerns concern us only.

Maids Bronx

Our maids the Bronx are working around the clock, so they will take care of cleaning your room at a time when there is no one there, your workday will not be disturbed due to the invasion of cleaners for long hours.

Fees for our services are lower because we know how to optimize expenses at each stage. Many years of work, the experience is a well-established job, a professional team and clear instructions for each stage of work.


It is our goal to offer you the best possible cleaning service available. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your cleaning we will come back and re-clean for free!

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