Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning

Tidy and get rid of all dust and debris from floorings. Sweep, mop and decontaminate all tile and wood flooring. Double deep vacuum all carpeted locations. Clean all doors, door moldings, handles, and hinges. Tidy all stairs, stair rails, and stair posts. Information clean interior of all cabinets and drawers. Tidy and sanitize all countertops. Information tidy interior and exterior of all devices. Why should I work with a pro to clean my workplace? If you already have a packed work schedule, it can be tough to discover a cleaner for your area. A pro will have the materials and know how to execute the office cleaning quickly and wonderfully, so you can keep top of the rest of your schedule and still take pleasure in a tidy office.

Office cleaning service NYC

If you need to order an office cleaning service in New York, NY, only contact a time-tested company like ours. Our specialists promptly calculate the amount of works required, as well as select the most appropriate cleaning products and equipment to achieve the best results.

Once having tried services from our qualified cleaners, you are sure to greatly appreciate their work of high quality and become our regular client. Thanks to such useful cleaning services you get an opportunity to live in an apartment of your own in an atmosphere of complete comfort and tranquillity.

Office cleaning service

One of the most important factors of the company's prosperity is known to be the state of its offices, where the company's employees work and receive customers, as well as meetings of business people and important negotiations take place.

Office cleaning problem

The office is the appearance of the company, by which customers judge the company itself. It follows from this that maintaining the office in a clean working condition is a factor influencing the company's image and prestige.

Office managers often hire permanent cleaning ladies, but this approach has some drawbacks as it cannot ensure high quality cleaning.

In addition, in practice, situations often occur when a one-time quick cleaning is required before, for example, an important conference or reception of dignitaries. Fortunately, there is an optimal way out of such difficult situations. The manager can contact a cleaning company, which can quickly and efficiently do all the required work.


Cleaning Master is the key to high quality

Despite the fact that there are many cleaning companies operating in the New York cleaning market today, not all of them can provide you with a high quality cleaning. If you do need to clean your office efficiently and quickly, contact our company Cleaning Master.

Our company has been working in the New York cleaning market for many years. Over the years, our company has accumulated significant successful experience in cleaning various facilities, including offices. Positive feedback from our previous customers confirms our reliability, professionalism and customer loyalty.


Why is it worth contacting Cleaning Master?

  1. We use advanced cleaning technologies.
  2. We use ECO-friendly, efficient and reliable materials and cleaning products.
  3. We use powerful contemporary high-quality cleaning equipment.
  4. The company's staff includes experienced and qualified employees of various professions.
  5. We offer our services at affordable prices.
  6. We have extensive experience in cleaning offices.
  7. We have a close-knit and friendly team.
  8. We work throughout New York and the surrounding area.
  9. We work 24/7.
  10. We provide high-quality cleaning service to our customers.
  11. We provide office cleaning service on a regular or one-time basis.
  12. We always take into account the wishes, opinions, requirements and tastes of our customers.
  13. We use a professional approach to our work.


What kind of work does the office cleaning service tend to include?
  • Cleaning of windows and sills.
  • Office furniture cleaning.
  • Cleaning of upholstered furniture.
  • Cleaning of office equipment.
  • Cleaning of air conditioners (if required).
  • Cleaning of any glass and mirror surfaces.
  • Cleaning of various lamps, including table lamps and floor lamps.
  • Cleaning of carpets and rugs.
  • Cleaning of household appliances (if required).
  • Cleaning of plumbing equipment (if required).
  • Cleaning of tiles (if required).
  • Cleaning of walls, floors and ceilings.


Our office cleaning service is the key to your success!

Raise the prestige and image of your company by ordering a high-quality office cleaning in our company on a regular and one-time basis at affordable prices! We provide significant discounts to our regular customers.

You can get additional useful information about our company, already completed facilities by us and services that we provide on the pages of this site.

You can also read the reviews of our former customers who previously chose our company and did not regret their choice later.

For all questions of interest, as well as orders, call our sales managers. They are certain to give comprehensive answers to all your questions.

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