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  • About Us

    Cleaning Master is a residential and commercial cleaning services that provides professional service and affordable price. We do:  a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or one-time cleaning, a basic and a deep cleaning, detailed move-out/move-in cleaning,  we provide cleaning supplies.


    Cleaning Master service was established in 2012 with a clear mission: to provide a professional cleaning service in a friendly, honest and reliable manner which not just satisfies but delights our customers! With a deep cleaning, we clean the windows, inside the refrigerator and oven, blinds, light fixtures and baseboard through the house. It's a very extensive cleaning that will leave your house spotless. Whether you're moving in or out, Cleaning Master can be there to help to get your old or new home looking spotless.


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  • Our Service

    Professional cleaning companies

    Clean air and rooms are a guarantee of human health as well as health of houseplants and pets. Everyone knows this immutable truth, but just part of people can provide it for various reasons, among which the most important reason is the lack of free time. In this case, we are the ones you are most likely to need.

    Welcome to Cleaning Master, professional cleaning companies with a wide range of cleaning services built on principles of trust and reliability.

    Over the years of work we have accumulated a unique experience of developing and refining house cleaning systems for houses throughout New York City, NY and the surrounding area.

    One of our main goals is to provide every our client with customized and through home cleaning services. All our professional cleaners go through a comprehensive training. So, you can rely on them and reasonably expect good work from them.

    With the aim of ensuring that all the services for our customers we provide work properly and bring good results a group of quality control managers at Cleaning Master follow all our cleaners’ work closely.

    Convenience and fair prices are some other reasonable factors for you to choose us as your high-end cleaning service company with which you can co-operate on a regular or one-time basis depending on your aims and wishes. Just be sure that with us every inch of your living space gets the attention that it needs.

    We promise to provide you with a home cleaning service of high quality on which you can absolutely count over and over again. We offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Don’t hesitate to call our hotline or book our cleaning services online right now! Here are some of our services that are most in demand among our customers.


    Post construction cleaning

    People who have ever build houses or repaired individual rooms know well how hard it is to clean up the dust and take out the trash after all repair and construction work has been completed.

    The matter is that post construction dust particles are characterized by different sizes, including those under 10 microns in size that can easily penetrate deep into the human lungs, cause harm to human health and with which a common home vacuum cleaner cannot cope properly.

    So, you need special equipment intended for such a specific kind of work and highly experienced cleaners, but where can you get it all? Our friendly and united team could help you get out of the difficult situation and tidy up all your rooms.

    Booking the best post construction cleaning service at Cleaning Master you get rid of construction waste removal relying totally upon our professional cleaners who are certain to do their job at the highest level and in the shortest possible time.


    Maid service

    Do you have a country house or an apartment with numerous rooms located in the very center of your city? Then, you most likely need some services from Cleaning Master on a regular basis. Tackle the problem right now and hire a servant at Cleaning Master who will serve your home daily, weekly, or monthly depending on your wishes.

    Try our maid service that goes above traditional services other cleaning companies tend to provide and you are sure to get some extra free time to do your other important things on time. The maid service can offer you unique home cleaning plans thanks to which you relieve of your everyday household chores.

    Cleaning Master provides the maid service throughout New York City, NY. While cleaning our experienced employers use professional eco-friendly chemicals certified and time-tested that provide the safest and best indoor environment for you and your family members, but they can also use chemical products of your own if you want. So, your living space will be cleaned the way you wish.

    Whether or not, your home is bound to be clean 24 hours a day and 7 days a week thanks to our effective and reliable service.


    Office cleaning

    Office is one of the key factors, ensuring the success and prosperity of your business. Of course, you know that your office is a sign by which your potential clients can judge both your company and yourself.

    Cleaning Master will help you always keep your cabinet clean and presentable. The service we provide includes office equipment and windows cleaning as well as upholstery cleaning.

    Also, if requested, you can also take some of our other services such as floor maintenance and watering the plants on a regular (for example, weekly or monthly) basis.

    So, you can just focus on work leaving your office to our top cleaning team.


    Apartment cleaning

    Apartment is a place where you live. The life quality depends on many factors, including cleanliness and order in the place where you live, which is not always easy to ensure, especially in case the apartment consists of many spacious rooms, and the owners lack free time.

    If things go this way, taking the apartment cleaning service from Cleaning Master, which provides it throughout New York City, NY and the surrounding area, could be a good way out for you.

    Dusting, vacuuming and cleaning are typical works we do in order to ensure cleanliness and order in your apartment. At your request we can work with all rooms including your kitchen, balcony, toilet, living room, cabinet, bedroom and bathroom. Besides, we can water your houseplants, sweep the floor and clean the windows if necessary. Here are the most popular tasks we focus on.

    By default, the apartment service doesn’t include high-grade steam treatment. If you really need it just let us know and we are sure to provide you with it. So, your apartment will look at its best.

    All our professional cleaning operatives use special equipment and only eco-friendly chemical products to get the most effective results and keep your health safe.


    Spring cleaning

    When spring arrives, nature comes back to life. You and your housekeeping also need changes. The best and easiest way to do it is to perform a deep clean inside your home and the surrounding area. The clean house will be certain to bring you and your family members a lot of joy.

    Our team can help you with this. We are sure to clean not only living space inside your house, but also the area adjacent to your home. Just book the spring service at Cleaning Master and our employers will make your house sparkle.


    Airbnb cleaning

    It’s not a secret that your rental service in general and Airbnb service in particular can be a profitable business for you only if you have got lots of customers who are satisfied with the services you provide. One of the key conditions for your successful rental business including Airbnb one is to keep your rented rooms clean and tidy.

    As is known, this is a pretty troublesome matter, since your rental promises require thorough and frequent cleaning. However, our company can help you solve this problem without worries. With our rental cleaning your tenants will get true pleasure and will be able to completely relax while traveling.

    It’s not worth saving on cleaning, because the number of your clients and, consequently, your income in the long run directly depend on the quality of the rented premises.

    So, increase your income along with us by ordering the rental cleaning service at Cleaning Master! Our professional employers will tidy up and clean all your rental rooms with eco-friendly chemicals according to your schedule or without it.


    Condo cleaning

    Sometimes regular cleaning is an ineffective way due to the large amount of one-time work. So, the owners of apartments and houses need a one-time full-scale cleaning service.

    The best way to solve this problem is to book Condo cleaning service at Cleaning Master. Firstly, you save your own time. Secondly, one-time works often include those that are hard for one or even a few persons to do without special training, relevant experience and specific knowledge. Our professionals are always ready to help you out.

    Which kinds of tasks do we tend to primarily focus on? The tasks are highly depends on the specific circumstances, including the size of the house or apartment, the wishes of our clients and the conditions in which the house or apartment is.

    Here are some tasks that are most requested by our customers: taking out things being out of use, interior window, carpet and vacuum cleaning, dusting as well as mopping.

    Whatever problem we solve, you can be assured of absolute safety and required quality of the work we do. Just contact us for more details about the Condo service and get competent advises from our managers.


    Move in / out cleaning

    When moving, cleaning your new and old home is a useful thing about which you shouldn’t forget. Isn’t that a good idea for you to move into a new home that has been already disinfected and cleaned from top to bottom? Of course, it is.

    Cleaning Master recommends that you tidy up and clean your old living space before your leave, especially if you are going to rent or sell your old premise, although, it’s not quite obligatory for you to do it.

    Anyway, you can take Cleaning Master move in / move out service to accelerate the transition to a new place and save some of your precious time to solve other more important tasks related to your arrangement in a new place leaving all your cleaning problems to our professional cleaners.

    Typical move in / move out clean service includes: scrubbing bathtub, toilet and shower, sweeping and vacuuming the floors, cleaning and dusting kitchen appliances, furniture, sinks and tables, cleaning cabinets, wiping down baseboards.

    Also, other items can be included on our pricelist at your request.

    Residential cleaning

    If you own a luxurious mansion located in a prestigious area of the city or outside the city, say, on the seashore, then residential cleaning is just what you need.

    In fact, it is difficult for the owner to keep the mansion and spacious rooms inside it clean without help. In addition, the appearance of the mansion in general and its rooms in particular has a strong influence on the reputation of the owner of such a mansion.

    Cleaning Master is ready to help you. With our beautiful ladies working as maids your luxury home will look nice, fresh and clean like a new one. So, you shouldn’t worry about how to keep your mansion clean. You get some additional free time and can spend it for something more interesting and valuable for you and your family members.

    The above overview includes only a number of services most in demand among our customers. Cleaning Master also provides exclusive services on a one-time or regular basis at your request.

    For further information call us and ask your questions. We are looking forward meeting you at Cleaning Master.

    House cleaning services

    It is a wrong opinion that only dirty apartments and houses need to be cleaned. In fact, even if your apartment or house is clean now, you should keep it clean all the time. Otherwise, it will turn to a dirty one in a short time.

    How could you do that taking into consideration the fact you are most likely to be short of free time? The answer is obvious – you should order a cleaning service at the company that specialized in it.

    Cleaning Master is at your services. If you are looking for a good company that will take care of cleaning your apartment or house, please contact our company right now.

    Our specialists work with utmost care and use certified chemicals as well as modern cleaning equipment. Compared with the cleaning of apartments, cleaning a house is as a general rule more difficult work because of the greater scope and complexity of work that needs to be done.

    In fact, sometimes it is very difficult to clean up a country house because it ordinarily has a few floors and includes many living rooms, toilets, baths, bedrooms and other premises.

    Anyway, cheap prices for our house cleaning services allow you to save some money on cleaning your house thanks to Cleaning Master.

    House cleaning

    Cleaning of houses can be divided into two types. The first type includes all works related to a one-time cleaning of the premises of the house after its renovation or construction. During the work, our cleaners take out all post-construction waste, remove dirt and dust, and make the premises clean and suitable for people.

    The second type includes all cleaning works related to keeping the house clean and neat on a regular basis. Watering flowers, cleaning the floor and windows, caring for upholstered furniture, removing dust are typical of the second type.

    More services..

  • What do we have?

    Are you confused by the fact that you don’t have enough time and resources to clean up all dirt and dust in your house? Or maybe you need a maid who will clean your rooms on a regular basis? Have you just moved to a new apartment or house and need a one-time cleaning of your rooms? Have you just built a new house and do not know how to remove piles of post-construction garbage from your own new home?

    If you answered “yes” to at least one of the above questions, then you are now in the right place and this website is just what you need because here you are certain to find complete answers to the above questions.

    Daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly cleaning

    Cleaning Master is a cleaning company (NY) that has been operating throughout the New York area for several years. Over the years of our successful work, we have gained considerable experience in cleaning a wide range of real estate.

    This fact allowed us to develop our own system of client work, based on an individual approach and the greatest possible attention to the wishes of our clients.

    What can we do?

    The scope of cleaning services (NY) provided by Cleaning Master is extensive and includes:

    1. Windows cleaning;

    2. Housekeeping services;

    3. Cleaning lady service NYC;

    4. Cleaning lady service Brooklyn;

    5. Apartment cleaning NYC;
    6. Deep clean NYC;

    7. House cleaning Brooklyn;

    8. House cleaning NYC;

    9. House cleaning New York.


    The above services are provided on a regular (daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly) basis (maid service NYC and others) or a one-time basis (post construction garbage removal and the like) depending on the wishes of the client, the scope and complexity of the work and other reasons. Most of the cleaning services are charged by the hour.


    How does it work?


    A preliminary discussion takes place during your first phone call to the managers of our company. Then a company representative (expert) arrives at your site and calculates the cost of the work to be done. The next stage is the signing of a contract for the provision of cleaning services. After the contract is signed, the company's professional cleaners get down to work.

    We are sure that the work of our employees is bound to be greatly appreciated by you and you will want to co-operate with us on a regular basis.



Enjoy your clean home.


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