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  • About Us

    Cleaning Master is a residential and commercial cleaning company headquartered in New York City, NY. The company provides a wide range of high quality cleaning services at affordable prices.

    What do we usually do?

    Cleaning houses, rooms, commercial premises, industrial enterprises, and other important facilities. A basic and deep cleaning. Move-out/move-in cleaning.

    We provide our services on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or one-time basis depending on the wishes of the customer, local conditions, and other factors.

    The Cleaning Master Company was established in 2012 with a clear mission of providing professional cleaning services in a friendly, honest, and reliable manner which not just satisfies, but delights our customers!

    What do we clean?

    We clean windows, carpets, ceilings, walls, upholstery furniture, refrigerators, ovens, curtains, light fixtures, and skirting boards. Cleaning not only whole rooms, but also every piece and thing inside them is a great way to make your house sparkling. No matter whether you're moving in or out, Cleaning Master is bound to help you make your old or new home look beautiful and elegant.


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  • Our Service

    Our service

    House Cleaning Services

    Clean air and rooms are a guarantee of the human health, as well as the health of houseplants and pets. Everyone knows this immutable truth, but just part of people can follow this way for certain reasons, among which the most important reason is the lack of free time. In this case, we are the ones whom you are most likely to need.

    Welcome to Cleaning Master, professional cleaning company with a wide range of cleaning services built on principles of trust and reliability.

    Over the years of work, we have accumulated a unique experience of developing house cleaning systems for houses throughout New York City, NY and its surrounding area.

    One of our main goals is to provide each of our clients with individual house cleaning services. All our professional cleaners have gone through a comprehensive training. So, you can rely on them and reasonably expect good work from them.

    With the aim of ensuring that all the services for our customers we provide work properly and bring good results, a Cleaning Master group of quality control managers monitor all our cleaners’ work attentively.

    Convenience and fair prices are some other reasonable factors for you to choose us as your high-end cleaning service company with which you can co-operate on a regular or one-time basis depending on your aims and wishes. Just be sure that with us every inch of your living space gets the attention that it needs.

    We promise to provide you with a home cleaning service of high quality on which you can absolutely count over and over again. We offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Don’t hesitate to call our hotline or book our cleaning services online right now! Here are some of our services that are most in demand among our customers.


    Post construction cleaning

    People who have ever build houses or repaired individual rooms know well how hard it is to clean up the dust and take out the trash after all repair and construction work has been completed.

    The matter is that post construction dust particles are characterized by different sizes, including those under 10 microns in size that can easily penetrate deep into the human lungs, cause harm to human health and with which a common home vacuum cleaner cannot cope properly.

    So, you need special equipment intended for such a specific kind of work and highly experienced cleaners, but where can you get it all? Our friendly and united team could help you get out of the difficult situation and tidy up all your rooms.

    By booking the best post construction cleaning service at Cleaning Master, you get rid of construction waste, relying totally upon our professional cleaners who are certain to do their job at the highest level and in the shortest possible time.

    Maid service

    Do you have a country house or an apartment with numerous rooms located in the very center of your city? Then, you most likely need some services from Cleaning Master on a regular basis. Tackle the problem right now and hire a servant at Cleaning Master who will serve your home daily, weekly, or monthly depending on your wishes.

    Try our maid service that goes above traditional ones from other cleaning companies and you are sure to get some extra free time to do your other important things on time. Our maid service can offer you unique home cleaning plans thanks to which you get rid of your everyday household chores.

    Cleaning Master provides the maid service throughout New York City, NY. While cleaning, our experienced employers use professional eco-friendly chemicals certified and time-tested that provide the safest and best indoor environment for you and your family members. Besides, our team can also use chemical products of your own if you want. So, your living space will be cleaned the way you wish.

    Whether or not, your home is bound to be clean 24 hours a day and 7 days a week thanks to our effective and reliable service.

    Office cleaning

    Office is one of the key factors, ensuring the success and prosperity of your business. Of course, you know that your office is a sign by which your potential clients can judge both your company and yourself.

    Cleaning Master will help you always keep your working place clean and presentable. The service we provide includes office equipment and windows cleaning, as well as upholstery cleaning.

    Also, if requested, you can also take some of our other services such as floor maintenance and watering the plants on a regular (for example, weekly or monthly) basis.

    So, you can just focus on your everyday work, leaving your office to our top cleaning team.

    Apartment cleaning

    Apartment is a place where you live. The life quality depends on many factors, including cleanliness and order in the place where you live, which is not always easy to maintain, especially in case the apartment consists of many spacious rooms, and the owners lack free time.

    If things go this way, taking the apartment cleaning service from Cleaning Master, which provides it throughout New York City, NY and the surrounding area, could be a good way out for you.

    Dusting, vacuuming and cleaning are typical works we do in order to ensure cleanliness and order in your apartment. At your request we can work with all rooms including your kitchen, balcony, toilet, living room, cabinet, bedroom and bathroom. Besides, we can water your houseplants, sweep the floor and clean the windows if necessary. Here are the most popular tasks we focus on.

    By default, the apartment service doesn’t include high-grade steam treatment. If you really need it just let us know and we are sure to provide you with it. So, your apartment will look at its best.

    All our professional cleaning operatives use special equipment and only eco-friendly chemical products to get the most effective results and keep your health safe.


    Spring cleaning

    When spring arrives, nature comes back to life. You and your housekeeping also need changes. The best and easiest way to do it is to perform a deep clean inside your home and the surrounding area. The clean house is certain to bring you and your family members a lot of joy.

    Our team can help you with this. We are sure to clean not only living space inside your house, but also the area adjacent to your home. Just book the spring service at Cleaning Master and our employers will make your house sparkle.

    Airbnb cleaning

    It’s not a secret that your rental service in general and Airbnb service in particular can be a profitable business for you only if you have got

    lots of customers who are satisfied with the services you provide. One of the key conditions for your successful rental business including Airbnb one is to keep your rented rooms clean and tidy.

    As is known, this is a pretty troublesome matter, since your rental promises require thorough and frequent cleaning. However, our company can help you solve this problem without worries. With our rental cleaning, your tenants will get true pleasure and be able to completely relax while traveling.

    It’s not worth saving on cleaning, because the number of your clients and, consequently, your income in the long run directly depend on the quality of the rented premises.

    So, increase your income along with us by ordering the rental cleaning service at Cleaning Master! Our professional employers are bound to tidy up and clean all your rental rooms with eco-friendly chemicals according to your schedule or without it.

    Condo cleaning

    Sometimes regular cleaning is an ineffective way due to the large amount of one-time work. So, the owners of apartments and houses need a one-time full-scale cleaning service.

    The best way to solve this problem is to book Condo cleaning service at Cleaning Master. Firstly, you save your own time. Secondly, one-time works often include those that are hard for one or even a few persons to do without special training, relevant experience and specific knowledge. Our professionals are always ready to help you out.

    Which kinds of tasks do we tend to primarily focus on? The tasks are highly depends on the specific circumstances, including the size of the house or apartment, the wishes of our clients and the conditions in which the house or apartment is.

    Here are some tasks that are most requested by our customers: taking out things being out of use, interior window, carpet and vacuum cleaning, dusting as well as mopping.

    Whatever problem we solve, you can be assured of absolute safety and required quality of the work we do. Just contact us for more details about the Condo service and get competent advises from our managers.

    Move in / out cleaning

    When moving, cleaning your new and old home is a useful thing about which you shouldn’t forget. Isn’t that a good idea for you to move into a new home that has been already disinfected and cleaned from top to bottom? Of course, it is.

    Cleaning Master recommends that you tidy up and clean your old living space before your leave, especially if you are going to rent or sell your old premise, although, it’s not quite obligatory for you to do it.

    Anyway, you can take Cleaning Master move in / move out service to accelerate the transition to a new place and save some of your precious time to solve other more important tasks related to your arrangement in a new place leaving all your cleaning problems to our professional cleaners.

    Typical move in / move out clean service includes: scrubbing bathtub, toilet and shower, sweeping and vacuuming the floors, cleaning and dusting kitchen appliances, furniture, sinks and tables, cleaning cabinets, wiping down baseboards.

    Also, other items can be included on our pricelist at your request.

    Residential cleaning

    If you own a luxurious mansion located in a prestigious area of the city or outside the city, say, on the seashore, then residential cleaning is just what you need.

    In fact, it is difficult for the owner to keep the mansion and spacious rooms inside it clean without help. In addition, the appearance of the mansion in general and its rooms in particular has a strong influence on the reputation of the owner of such a mansion.

    Cleaning Master is ready to help you. With our beautiful ladies working as maids your luxury home will look nice, fresh and clean like a new one. So, you shouldn’t worry about how to keep your mansion clean. You get some additional free time and can spend it for something more interesting and valuable for you and your family members.

    The above overview includes only a number of services most in demand among our customers. Cleaning Master also provides exclusive services on a one-time or regular basis at your request.

    For further information call us and ask your questions. We are looking forward meeting you at Cleaning Master.

    House cleaning services

    It is a wrong opinion that only dirty apartments and houses need to be cleaned. In fact, even if your apartment or house is clean now, you should keep it clean all the time. Otherwise, it will turn to a dirty one in a short time.

    How could you do that taking into consideration the fact you are most likely to be short of free time? The answer is obvious – you should order a cleaning service at the company that specialized in it.

    Cleaning Master is at your services. If you are looking for a good company that will take care of cleaning your apartment or house, please contact our company right now.

    Our specialists work with utmost care and use certified chemicals as well as contemporary cleaning equipment. Compared with the cleaning of apartments, cleaning a house is as a general rule more difficult work because of the greater scope and complexity of work that needs to be done.

    In fact, sometimes it is very difficult to clean up a country house because it ordinarily has a few floors and includes many living rooms, toilets, baths, bedrooms and other premises.

    Anyway, cheap prices for our house cleaning services allow you to save some money on cleaning your house thanks to Cleaning Master.

    House cleaning

    Cleaning of houses can be divided into two types. The first type includes all works related to a one-time cleaning of the premises of the house after its renovation or construction. During the work, our cleaners take out all post-construction waste, remove dirt and dust, and make the premises clean and suitable for people.

    The second type includes all cleaning works related to keeping the house clean and neat on a regular basis. Watering flowers, cleaning the floor and windows, caring for upholstered furniture, removing dust are typical of the second type.

  • What do we have?

    What do we have?

    Despite the fact that the range of problems that the vast majority of homeowners regularly face is very wide, there are a number of problems, the timely solution of which directly affects not only the health of residents, but also the image of homeowners and their property in the eyes of the public. One of them is the so-called cleaning, which means that the house must be clean.

    Are you having problems with housekeeping?

    If the homeowner has enough free time, he can clean his house on his own, but what if the cleanliness requires a lot of daily work? What if his house is surrounded by a nice garden that also requires regular maintenance? In this case, ordering a cleaning service in our company can be a good way out of the difficult situation.

    You can choose a one-time service, for example, a post-construction or spring cleaning service or maid service provided largely on a regular basis. Anyway, we are bound to help you with your housekeeping.

    Cleaning service in New York City Today, dozens of cleaning companies operate in the New York market, but just few of them can provide their customers with high-quality cleaning services. Cleaning Master is one of them.

    Our advantages include:

    • A great successful experience;
    • Cooperation with both legal entities and individuals on mutually beneficial terms;
    • Highly qualified employees;
    • The use of advanced equipment and technology;
    • The use of eco-friendly chemicals;
    • A unique scheme of work with clients;
    • High labor productivity and high quality of the final result;
    • A wide range of cleaning services;
    • Affordable prices.

    Apartment cleaning NYC

    It doesn't matter whether you have a luxury apartment in the center of New York City or a small apartment outside the city limits, taking care of it is a necessary thing that you cannot ignore. Save your money and time by trying right now a high-quality apartment cleaning NYC service from Cleaning Master!

    The room cleaning is provided on a one-time or regular basis and usually includes bathroom cleaning and kitchen cleaning.

    House cleaning service NYC

    Do you have a big house in the center of the city or a cozy cottage in the country? Anyway, your home maintenance takes you a lot of effort, time and money. What to do?

    A good way out is cooperation with our company. The company provides a special package of house cleaning services including both one-time services such as post-construction or spring cleaning and services on a regular basis such as housemaid.

    Do you run a hotel?

    Hospitality industry is an area where any nuance is important. It is not enough to keep the premises of a hotel or motel clean - it is also important to do it on time and at the proper level. A package of hotel cleaning services from Cleaning Master is certain to help you get rid of worries about keeping your hotel rooms and corridors clean and sparkling. Our professional employees are bound to do all hotel cleaning work quickly and efficiently according to the schedule of work, compiled by the customer or contractor.

    Enhance the image of your commercial company together with us! Do you want to increase your own income and the income of your company, but do not know how to do it?

    One of the most effective ways to do it is to enhance the image of your company by cleaning your office space.

    Our office cleaning service is just for you. It ordinarily includes:

    1. Brushing the floor;

    2. Cleaning windows;

    3. Cleaning office furniture;

    4. Office equipment care.

    Try to keep up with the times!

    Prepare your home and garden for a meeting with the spring by ordering the so-called spring cleaning. In spring your garden needs a change:

    - Removing rotten leaves and debris;

    - Cutting off dry branches;

    - Transplanting plants are some of the works the service includes.

    At any other time of the year, our services eco-cleaning and green cleaning based on the use of eco-friendly chemicals and cleaners of natural origin are certain to help you touch the world of nature.

    Are you in search of a good maid?

    If you need a spring, post-construction or move in/out cleaning, ordering these one-time services in Cleaning Master is your best decision, but what if you need a cleaning service on a regular basis?

    Try our maid service NYC.

    Our maids (New York) - honest, kind, slim and nice ones – are sure to help you with keeping your home clean and sparkling 24 hours a day and 7 days a week!

    • Sweeping the floor;

    • Cleaning windows;

    • Watering plants;

    • Caring for upholstered furniture are the most common works our maids as a general rule do.


    Deep cleaning is your best choice for severe cases

    Despite the highly efficient contemporary cleaning products and advanced professional equipment, sometimes there are situations when a standard package of cleaning services does not allow us to achieve the high quality of the final result. In this case, we use deep cleaning, which differs from ordinary cleaning at least by the following points:

    • using more time to clean dirty areas;

    • using special additional equipment, for example, steam generators;

    • using stronger chemicals.


    Move in/out cleaning services

    Many people know for sure that moving from one house (or one apartment) to another is very troublesome. Indeed, if you are going to live in a new house, then you need a post-construction cleaning including post-construction waste removal. If you are going to move to an apartment where other people have already lived before you, then your premises may need to be cleaned and disinfected.


    We offer our customers who are going to move, two services:

    1. Move in cleaning;

    2.  Move out cleaning. With our highly-experienced cleaning team you can move in/out quickly and easily, forget about cleaning hassles and focus on other more important things.

    Luxury houses require good care, right? Do you have a luxurious mansion in New York City or the surrounding area?Then we have an exclusive offer only for you – residential cleaning service.

    What does this service include?

    • Primarily, maid service on a regular basis: nice and slim girls are certain to make your house sparkling;

    • Using advanced specific equipment and cleaning technologies;

    • Using eco-friendly chemicals or products of natural origin;

    • A wide range of additional cleaning services at client’s request.

    We realize that the objective of the residential cleaning service is not only to keep your mansion clean and sparkling, but also to enhance your image and the image of your house in the public eye thanks to a high-quality residential cleaning service we provide. Do you have a Condo? Do you get rental income?

    If so, then the physical condition of your premises is in direct proportion to your income. Increase your income together with us! The list of our services includes a package aimed at customers who tend to rent their premises.

    The company offers them three cleaning services:

    • Condo cleaning;

    • Airbnb cleaning;

    • Cleaning lady, depending on the type of the facility, the conditions in which it operates and a number of other important factors.

    Need a rental cleaning?

    It is no secret that one of the main questions for the owner of rented premises is "Did my customers like the premises?" The more clients want to go back to your premises, the more trust you deserve and, therefore, the more income you get. Okay, but how to make visitors like your premises?

    The cleaning services provided by Clean Master are just what you might need. Do not hesitate to order this service and increase your rental income as soon as possible! Depending on the frequency of performance, we provide the following rental services throughout New York State:

    1. Monthly cleaning;
    2. Weekly cleaning;
    3. Two weeks cleaning;
    4. Daily cleaning.


    How do I clean my house?

    Contact Cleaning Master managers as soon as possible, rely on our professional cleaners and forget about problems with cleaning forever! We are obliged to do everything for you ourselves.

    Thus, you can spend your free time on more important things or just relax.

    Our special cleaning equipment, highly qualified and experienced team, as well as advanced detergents allow us to always achieve the best results, regardless of:

    1. The complexity of the object; - scope of work;
    2. Additional requirements and wishes of the client;
    3. Local conditions in which the facility operates.

    Of course, the best recommendation for a successful company is grateful reviews from previous clients. You can view the reviews on this site. In addition, you can view a gallery of some of our company's already successfully completed projects.

    Everyone knows how important it is to keep the places where you work, study and live clean, because not only your health depends on the hygiene of the premises, but also your academic performance, productivity, activity and success in life in general.

    In practice, a contemporary person often does not have enough time to clean the premises due to the constant workload of other things that seem to him to be more necessary and important.

    Such a short-sighted approach sooner or later leads to sad consequences - increased fatigue, irritability, allergies and diseases. Is there a way out of this impasse? Of course! You just need to contact a company that specializes in cleaning premises.


    Welcome to Cleaning Master!


    We are here to help you! Our company Cleaning Master was founded in 2012 in the city of New York. Over the years, the company has come a long way, successfully completed hundreds of facilities, evolving from a small team of cleaners into a diversified corporation with a full-fledged staff, advanced cleaning equipment and technologies.


    What are your main benefits of working with us?

    Firstly, you save valuable time. You do not need to clean your home, office and / or garden on your own. We do this for you, while you get additional free time that you can spend on your other important things.

    Secondly, you save your own energy. Human beings are known to be limited not only in time, but also in strength. Wouldn't it be better if you spend your energy on more important things by letting our room cleaners take care of your home?

    Thirdly, you get high quality and guarantees, so you do not need to monitor, control and check the work of our cleaning masters hourly. The employees of our cleaning company closely monitor the quality of the work of our house cleaners. So you are certain to be pleased with the result of their work.


    Was it worth relying on your own instinct when choosing cleaning ladies for your home, office or garden?

    At first glance, it seems that you can save a lot on cleaning companies by choosing cleaners on your own. Indeed, it is not that difficult to advertise in a trade newspaper or magazine that you need cleaners for your own home, office or garden.

    However, this way has several disadvantages.

    • Firstly, you spend your time, money and energy on finding the right candidate.
    • Secondly, you have no idea about the people you are going to hire. Their quality of work can lead to disappointment, and replacing them with other cleaners is a waste of your additional time, money and effort.

    When you opt for professional cleaning, you get time-tested cleaners from the cleaning company's own database. The database contains all the necessary data about the cleaners (apartment cleaners, maids and the like), including their age, experience, education and skills. This ensures the high quality of their work.

    Why is it worth choosing Cleaning Master(master clean)?

    Today, there are many large and small household cleaning companies operating in the New York cleaning market, but not all of them have a high-quality database of cleaners and therefore not all of those companies can provide you with high quality cleaning house services.

    Cleaning Master has a number of advantages over most other cleaning companies.
    1. Firstly, we have been working for a long time and have managed to accumulate a fair amount of successful experience in working with clients over the years.
    2. Secondly, we use high-quality, ECO-friendly, reliable cleaning chemicals, which ensures high efficiency of our work.
    3. Thirdly, we use advanced cleaning technologies and equipment. This allows us to increase the productivity of home cleaning and therefore minimize the time and financial costs of the customer.
    4. Fourthly, we provide our apartment/room cleaning at affordable prices that makes our service attractive to most New Yorkers.
    5. Fifthly, we have a large database of time-tested cleaners and maids. This allows us to optimally select the cleaners for the required facility.

    We work 24/7 and provide cleaning services both on a regular and one-time basis. We offer big discounts to our regular customers. This allows our customers to significantly save on cleaning services.

    The wide range of types of facilities we work with, the large area we serve, as well as the wide range of services that we provide, all this contributes to making our company one of the leading and attractive cleaning ones in the New York cleaning market.


    What kind of work do we do?
    1. Office cleaning, as well as cleaning of industrial and residential premises on a regular or one-time basis;
    2. Upholstered furniture vacuuming and dry cleaning;
    3. Carpets and rugs cleaning on a regular or one-time basis;
    4. Windows and sills cleaning;
    5. Windows winterizing;
    6. Cleaning of glass and mirror surfaces;
    7. Cleaning of walls, ceilings and shelves;
    8. Cleaning of household items (dusting);
    9. Cleaning of air conditioners;
    10. Cleaning of kitchen equipment, including refrigerators, freezers and stoves;
    11. Cleaning of tiled surfaces;
    12. Cleaning of office equipment;
    13. Cleaning of plumbing;
    14. Babysitting on a regular basis;
    15. Laundry and ironing;
    16. Cleaning of gardens on a one-time or regular basis;
    17. Post-construction and post-renovation cleaning of premises on a one-time basis;
    18. Garbage removal on a one-time or regular basis;
    19. Floor maintenance on a regular basis;
    20. Cleaning of floors made of natural stone (marble, granite and the like) on a one-time basis;
    21. Maid service on a regular basis;
    22. Cleaning of fixtures, floor lamps, table lamps, chandeliers and sconces on a one-time or regular basis;
    23.  Move in/out cleaning on a one-time basis;
    24. Watering indoor plants;
    25. Aquarium care.

    Also, we can offer you other useful and effective services on your request.

    Opt for the best!

    Loyalty, responsibility and professionalism are the main features of our close-knit friendly team. Do you still think whether it is worth trusting your facility to our professional cleaners?

    Then read the reviews of those customers who had already made their choice in favor of us earlier and were not disappointed in us later!

    You can always read more detailed information about our team, work, projects and facilities already completed by us on the pages of this home cleaning website.

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A Special Note Regarding the Pandemic

Your health and safety is important to us here at Cleaning Master! Our providers practice a variety of precautions such as wearing masks, gloves, shoe covers, hand washing/sanitization, using new or sanitized equipment for each job, practicing social distancing, home temperature checks, and self-isolation if exposed or if they are experiencing any symptoms of illness.

05 Jul, 2020|

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