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For over 10 years, Cleaning Master has been a trusted cleaning service with thousands of happy customers across New York. We offer a comprehensive suite of Residential & Commercial cleaning services to satisfy all your needs. 

Trusted Cleaning Professionals Since 2012

Professional and Reliable Cleaning Staff

Our staff has been well trained and vetted to perform at the highest of industry standards. 

Fair and Competitive Prices

Our cleaning services are priced based on your general needs and timeframes, so you can customize what works best for you. 

Easy to Schedule and Consistent service

Our clients keep coming back to us time and time again for our convenient and consistently superior service. 

100% Cleaning Satisfaction Guaranteed

We have an industry leading 100% satisfaction guarantee, with thousands of happy customers across New York. We stand by our reputation!

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For over 10 years, Cleaning Master has built its reputation as a top residential and commercial cleaning service across New York.


Our vetted staff of over 35+ employees are equally committed to delivering impeccable service, and we're proud to serve thousands of happy customers as a reliable mainstay to their individualized cleaning needs. 


Your health and wellbeing are extremely important to us during these times, and our staff are properly trained to follow CDC guidelines for safety and disinfection.


Lastly, Cleaning Master is dedicated to using  environmentally-friendly EPA registered cleaning products so you can feel good about the space you live in as well as the world we all live in. 

Don't settle for stressful, unreliable cleaning services - Let our highly rated team give every part of your living or working space the cleaning attention that it deserves.

"What a fabulous service. I had a deep cleaning today that was amazing. Two wonderful, energetic young women showed up and worked like whirling dervishes cleaning my apartment. They were darling, friendly and extremely efficient. Tonight, I can eat off my floors. A very happy customer here."

Luke Ross, Manhattan


Lack of free time is one of the key features of contemporary business people who strive to keep up with the times. Not having enough time to do all their things on time, such people often face a difficult choice of those things that, in their opinions, are most important at the moment.


It's no secret that this choice often leaves aside all their household chores, including cleaning their own apartments or houses. Fortunately, today there is a way out of this diffucult situation - entrust your garden or home to a company specializing in the provision of cleaning services - Cleaning Master!

Cleaning Master's
most-demanded home cleaning services:

- House cleaning NYC


Are you short on time to always keep your home clean and tidy? Try our professional cleaners and appreciate their high-quality work as soon as possible! They are sure to show you the shortest way to a healthy home! The service typically includes window and carpet cleaning, floor maitenance, watering plants and uphostered furniture cleaning.


- Apartment cleaning NYC


Still dreaming of a healthy and clean apartment? Tackle the problem right now with Cleaning Master - our friendly highly experienced professional cleaners! Window and sill cleaning (on a regular or one-time basis), cleaning rugs and carpets, plumbing cleaning, cleaning refrigerators and freezers, as well as gas stove cleaning are typical services we provide.


- Commercial cleaning NYC


Don’t you wish your office looked fresh and sparkling? Then don’t hesitate to call us and order a quality office cleaning service from the leaning cleaning company in NYC! The service typically includes upholstered furniture cleaning, window cleaning, fixtures cleaning, floor maintenance and office appliances cleaning. We are here to help you make your office look great!


Why should I trust your cleaning company?

We are a team of highly experienced, professional, and reliable residential and commercial cleaners with an impeccable reputation! Since 2012, we’ve supported over a thousand clients with our cleaning services. We also have a 100% satisfaction guarentee.

Do you just provide your cleaning services on a one-time basis?

No! Most of our services are available as a repeating or one-time basis, depending of the customers’ request, the complexity and volume of work and some other factors.

Do I have to be home when your cleaners work?

No, don’t worry about your home property! All our cleaners are friendly, skilled, highly experienced and trust-worthy.

How can I let your cleaners in my apartment?

In case you are not planning to be home when cleaning the easiest way would be an extra key.

What should I do if your quality work doest meet my expectations?

Contact our supervisor as soon as possible! We are sure to fix all the problems in the shortest possible time!

How can I pay for your service?

You can quickly and easily pay for our cleaning services with one of the following cards:: MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

How often can you clean my home?

Whenever you need! Our cleaning services are available weekly, bi-weekly, daily, monthly, or one-time basis.

What cities does your cleaning service cover?

We provide our cleaning services within the New York City including Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

Do you guarantee high quality?

Yes, of course! We have a 100% satisfaction guarentee. We work for YOU and greatly appreciate your opinion about our work! We value our impaccable reputation of one of the leading cleaning companies in NYC!

How can I book your service?

Easy! simply click book now on our website to schedule with our self-service booking tool. Or you can call, message, or email us our team directly to schedule!

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