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Cleaning Master's
most-demanded home cleaning services:

- Home cleaning NYC


Are you short on time to always keep your home clean and tidy? Try our professional cleaners. We are known for high-quality work! Our staff is sure to provide you with an excellent cleaning experience and a healthy home! The service typically includes living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom cleaning. The only areas that require an additional charge are the oven, fridge, or inside cabinets.

- Apartment cleaning NYC


Still dreaming of a healthy and clean apartment? Cleaning Master can help! Our friendly and experienced professional cleaners. No matter what the size of your space, we can leave you with a delightfully clean living space. We can even clean window sills (on a regular or one-time basis), rugs and carpets, refrigerators and freezers, as well as gas stoves.

- Commercial cleaning NYC


Don't you wish your hotel or office space looked fresh and sparkling? Don't hesitate to call us and order a quality cleaning service from the leading cleaning company in NYC! Our service packages are customized to fit your individual business needs. We can also accommodate window cleaning, fixtures cleaning, floor maintenance and office appliance cleaning from typical cleaning spaces. We are here to help you make your space look great!

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